20 Questions for a Productive and Impactful 2019

Journal question for 2019: What will it take for me to be successful in 2019?

Happy New Year!  The previous year is behind us and it is time to start looking foward to a productive 2019 and work on setting goals and intentions for the coming year.  The following 20 questions can help you map out a plan that will have a stronger chance of success for 2019. Get out your journal and start reflecting. 

Take a few minutes to reflect on the previous year and ask:

1. What went well?
2. What didn’t work out as I had hoped?
3. What unexpected joys did I discover?
4. What unexpected obstacles came up?
5. How did I deal with the obstacles?
6. Could I have done anything differently?
7. Are the unrealistic expectations I need to let go?

Looking ahead to 2019:

1. What are my goals for the next six months?
2. What steps must I take to get each goal started?
3. What are my dreams for the next six months?
4. What steps can I take to change each dream into a goal?
5. What goals will I make for the next six months?
6. What steps must I take to stick to my goals?

Once goals and resolutions have been set, ask these questions:
1. How will I structure the next six months to support my goals?
2. How do the elements of my lifestyle support reaching my goals
3. How can I change the non-supportive elements?
4. Where do I need to be more disciplined?
5. Where do I need to relax?
6. How am I measuring progress towards my goals?
7. How will I celebrate milestones ands accomplishing my goals?

Have a happy day!

Juneous Pettijohn

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