Poem: “As I Sit”

I wrote this poem back in 2011 when I was trying to submit this for publication in a anthology.  Although, this poem was not selected for publication, I was not too disappointed because it gave me the opportunity to stretch my mental muscles.  I rediscovered this poem recently while I was organizing my files on my work computer.  I was personally blown away how this much this poem resonates with me today. Today on January 7, 2018, I present to you “As I sit.”

As I sit
I begin to cleanse my soul
from worrying

As I sit
I let my breath be my guide
As I Inhale I say I am
As I exhale is say beautiful, strong, and proud

As I sit
I let go of competition
knowing that I am not
in a race with either time or myself

As I sit
I let go of expectations
recognizing that each time I sit
my experience will be different

As I sit
I let go of judgment
By being fully present when
My mind drifts towards the past or toward the future

As I sit
I forgive those who have hurt me and
forgive myself for the part I have played
in them hurting me

As I sit
I know that all things
are possible

As I sit
I make peace with God.

Namaste and Have a Happy Day!

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